Advantages of Learning New Skills at Work

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3 min readAug 28, 2020


Using time to learn a new skill whether for work or for a hobby has immense benefits. “The time used to invest in personal growth and learning relevant new skills can help people maintain their confidence and motivation”, says Namrata Murlidhar, marketing director at LinkedIn Learning.

We at Ashish Interbuild have set continuous learning & development as one of our core values & guiding principles. We encourage, assist & guide our employees to say relevant to continuous learning and development while being creative and innovative in all spheres of professional life.

Here we provide some benefits of learning new skills at work-

1. It helps fight Monotony-

Learning a new skill at your workplace keeps the boredom away & helps you stay interested in work. Doing the same things time and again can make life monotonous. Learning helps to break that cycle and makes work life more interesting. At Ashish Interbuild, we regularly conduct training sessions to help our employees stay interested & updated.

2. It helps you get broader skill sets-

Learning new skills helps you develop a broader skillset. This makes you a useful resource to the organization you work for & ultimately leads to career growth. Ashish Interbuild encourages employees to undergo industry-specific training modules that help the employee & the organization.

3. Learning has mental health benefits-

Active learning throughout your life keeps your mind and body in sound health. According to neuroscience, learning new skills helps develop new neural pathways and keeps you away from diseases like Alzheimer’s in old age. At Ashish Interbuild, we believe in the holistic development of our workforce & motivate people to imbibe a learning attitude.

4. Learning gives you more options to choose-

Learning new skills can help you know your core competencies and hence, give you more career options to choose from. Many well-known people have changed their career route after they learned & realized their core competencies lie elsewhere. Ashish Interbuild supports its employees who want to gain relevant knowledge & training pertaining to the Interior Fitout Industry.

5. Learning helps you develop a growth mindset-

Learning helps you become more open to change and acceptance. It helps you develop a growth mindset that in turn helps you with easy transition between different roles & responsibilities. Ashish Interbuild gives every employee a chance to learn new skills by encouraging job rotation & transitioning into different roles.

6. Learning helps you stay up to date-

Continuing to learn new skills helps you stay relevant. It makes sure you stay technologically advanced and up to date. It also introduces you to the changing landscape and current trends in your industry. At Ashish Interbuild we recognize talent & assist such employees to learn new skills for their career progression.

Teaching yourself the latest skills keeps you competent which is especially important in today’s scenario. It helps you develop general skills like active listening & better communication skills with the ability to stay clear, concise & logical. It leads to the evolution of your organizational competencies and the ability to multitask.

Thus, Ashish Interbuild encourages and offers every possible assistance for our people to get empowered with strategic thinking, creative ideas, critical thinking, cohesiveness, and cooperation.



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