Ashish Interbuild- preacutionary measures during lockdown
Precautionary Measures during the lockdown

In the wake of the current coronavirus outbreak, the entire world has come to a standstill. There is an alarming increase in the number of positive cases in India every day. While lockdown is necessary to control the spread of the epidemic, it has given us time to evaluate the dos and don’ts for our everyday lives.

Here is a guide to staying safe during lockdown-

• Strict social distancing is the need of the hour. Social distancing means avoiding large crowds (more than 10 people) and maintaining a distance of six feet from other people wherever possible.

• Running errands like grocery shopping should be done only if it is essential. Try to pick up essentials only to serve your basic needs. Maintain a safe distance from other shoppers and try to visit the store during the non-peak hours.

• Whenever you must go out, keep sanitizers and disinfectant wipes with you. If you are not feeling well, it is best to stay at home. Wear a mask as soon as you step out of the house. Avoid touching doorknobs, handles, and buttons in the lift. Stand in a queue and maintain discipline as instructed by the authorities.

• Sanitizing and disinfecting once you come back is important to avoid the spread of infection at home. Make sure you disinfect your shoes, bags, mobile phones with sanitizers after you come home. It is best to take a bath & wash your clothes separately after you have returned. Make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently throughout the day. The grocery bags and items should be washed & disinfected if possible. If you cannot wash the grocery items, make sure to keep them isolated at least for 24 hours.

• The everyday news and updates of coronavirus can cause a lot of stress. But it is important to stay stress-free and build up your immunity. To do so, you can make sure to eat healthily, practice meditation, and work out at home. If we remain healthy, only then we will be able to face the challenges which await us after the COVID infection has subsided.

• The government has imposed the lockdown to arrest the spread of the coronavirus infection. Do not take this opportunity, to visit friends and relatives. As this can put both the parties at risk of catching the infection. Also, avoid visiting the elderly and people with compromised immunity for their own safety. Visit people only if they immediately require essential supplies or medicines. We can always connect with our loved ones through video, audio calls & social media.

• The lockdown phase is boring for kids. Make sure they always stay inside the house. There are many fun indoor activities you can ask your kids to learn and do during this time.

• If you must attend to some medical emergency for yourself or your family member, make sure you travel by a private vehicle to avoid external contact. Take the doctor’s appointment prior so you do not have to stay outside for long. Maintain social distancing at the hospital and be courteous to other patients & the hospital staff.

• If you are working from the office, make sure you take care of your hygiene stringently. Use hand sanitizers frequently. Try not to touch any surfaces. Disinfect your workstation. Always avoid social gatherings in the cafeteria and maintain social distancing at all times. Avoid meeting clients and go digital. If you commute to work in public transport, make sure you wear a face mask and gloves. Always, opt for online money instead of paying cash.

Last but not the least, take this quarantine time to connect with your family, help each other at home and at work, learn and develop a new skill set which will help you professionally so together we can curb this coronavirus epidemic and the challenges thereafter.




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